Bio2Pure™ launches CoviPure™

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Bio2Pure™ are delighted to announce the launch of CoviPure™ after a series of successful independent tests proving its 100% efficacy to kill Coronavirus in under 30 seconds.

The independent tests have demonstrated:

  • 100% effective at killing Coronavirus in under 30 seconds 
  • 100% effective at killing other viruses and bacteria including Influenza, Ebola, HIV, Hepatitis C, and E-coli 
  • Fully Derm tested meaning any contact with hands/skin will not produce any reactions also meaning no protective equipment is needed 

The product is based on a stable chlorine dioxide formulation.  Its application is on surfaces which can be sprayed or wiped which includes cloth, metal, plastic and marble surfaces as well as the air within an enclosed space (i.e. an aeroplane).  Bio2Pure™ have also defined a visible safety standard to be displayed in environments treated by CoviPure™ allowing the general public and workforce to feel safe in the knowledge that the product is free from Coronavirus.  The company is recommending this “Standard” to be shown on treated hotel rooms, rental cars, shops, restaurants, trains, airplanes and many more. 


The commercialisation process now begins with applications where there is any kind of human contact thus eradicating the threat of Coronavirus.

Dr Anthony Davies,
Chief Executive Officer

“We are thrilled with the results from the tests and to now be able to commercialise the product. 

Consumer facing companies using the products will be able to instil peace of mind to people in public communities where there is a threat of Coronavirus. 

The applications are endless when you imagine the amount of surfaces which an individual touches in a single day.  Trains, buses, hire cars, door handles, chairs, computers, people, and many more.  It is unsurprising that we are already seeing great demand for the products” 

Professor Martin Blake, recently appointed
non-executive director

“The development and launch of this exciting new product is truly a game changer in the sanitation and disinfection market. Seldom do we see such a breakthrough of this kind where an entirely new, safe and environmentally friendly biocide based on innovative chemistry is discovered.

In these difficult and trying times post Coronavirus, the introduction of CoviPure™ is particularly welcome. It’s a fantastic achievement by all involved and I am delighted to be associated with it and its deployment in the field of infection control and preventive medicine”