CoviPure™ featured in The Business Desk

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Covipure cleaning tag on hotel door handle

Bio2Pure™ has joined the fight against Coronavirus with our latest product CoviPure being featured in The Business Desk:

‘A Birkenhead biotechnology company is making significant progress in the fight against coronavirus with a new product that kills the virus completely on
surfaces, in 60 seconds or less.

Bio2Pure™, headed by Prof Martin Blake and Dr Anthony Davies, owns an advanced biotechnology that has been using non-harmful bacteria to clean water, remediate polluted land and improve efficiency of wastewater plants around the world for more than 15 years which has treated in excess of one trillion litres of water to date.

The Bio2Pure™ scientists teamed up with one of their partners to develop a product they were using for creating clean drinking water globally and applied the same technology to the killing of coronavirus.

CoviPure was announced last week. Its application is on surfaces which can be sprayed or wiped, which includes cloth surfaces as well as the air within an enclosed space.

Independent tests have demonstrated the product is 100% effective at killing coronavirus in under 60 seconds, 100% effective at killing other viruses and bacteria including Influenza, Ebola, HIV, Hepatitis C, and E-coli, fully Derm tested, meaning any contact with hands/skin will not produce any reactions.

Bio2Pure™ is currently in the process of agreeing terms with a number of global operators and is in discussions with local authorities, governments and international businesses about supply options.’


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