Bio2pure™ Technology

The technology has been developed over the last 20 years and treated over 1 trillion litres of water


Growing the strains

What does this mean ?

This means that Bio2pure can produce a highly concentrated “starter strain” that can be blended into a variety of formulations at an extremely cost effective price

  • Bio2pure are able to grow the bacteria in environments where normally the bacteria would be killed e.g. a particular chemical produces oxygen in the form of a peroxide which is normally used as a disinfectant
  • Bio2pure are able to grow their bacteria in the presence of the chemical and actually use the chemical as an ingredient in the biological products as a source of oxygen to grow the bacteria. In particularly difficult environments the Bio2pure scientists acclimatise the bacteria in the lab by growing the bacteria in the presence of the substance that creates the problem

Correct bacteria selection

Fast Results
  • Bio2pure are able to select bacteria that grow fastest in that environment i.e. achieving the fastest results possible under the prevailing conditions
  • Bio2pure are therefore able to treat wastes that most other biological companies couldn’t because their strain library is not as extensive or the method of cultivation is not conducive to good growth

Proprietary blending

Multi strain products

Bio2pure always use a multi strain product resulting in greater effectiveness, for example sewage will contain cooked food, partially digested food, carbohydrates, fibre, fat, grease, petroleum hydrocarbons (oil, grease), proteins, minerals and solid waste – paper, water, nitrogenous compounds, urea, urine, ammonia, bacteria, bodily waste – blood cells etc

Faster than a single strain
  • With such diverse organic content in waste a single bacterium will not be able to digest that waste quickly. In the Bio2pure product there would be bacteria that prefer to reach the different types of waste. This means that all the different components of the waste will be attacked by the bugs and broken down faster than a single strain
Complete Solution
  • Furthermore, digestion of waste is a multi step process and a particular bacterium will only be able to perform one or two steps of a degradation process and then another bacterium can complete the reaction