A biotechnology business researching & manufacturing solutions for a number of the world’s biggest problems including water treatment.

Water Treatment

A unique and cost-effective water treatment technology deployed in both large and small bodies of water.

The Water Crisis

A global crisis like no other currently adversely affecting almost 1 billion people all over the world.


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About Bio2pure®

An Innovative Technology

Bio2pure® has engineered an innovative bioremediation based technology for treatment of waste water to further facilitate the recycling and reuse of contaminated water being generated in both urban and rural areas. Once recycled, the water can be utilised for various purposes such as irrigation, for village ponds and so on.

Amazing Results

Bio2pure® are proud of the results we’ve achieved as a result of our innovation and experience. We can refer to a number of case studies that demonstrate the bespoke nature of our purification technologies and implementation.

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From off-the-shelf packages to bespoke proprietary blends, Bio2pure® offers comprehensive solutions to individual water purification and treatment issues

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Innovative Products

Quality solutions driven by necessity