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The Vision:

All the stakeholders of Bio2pure™ have a clear vision: To use nature’s solutions to nature’s problems. This provides people with one of the most basic of human rights, clean water. Simultaneously this protects the human race from illnesses. Our global vulnerability to which has been demonstrated recently by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The company has clear and defined beliefs surrounding sustainability, social conscience, carbon and water neutrality.

Science For Life

There are two main technologies used by Bio2pure™ in the aim to fulfil our visions:

1. Biotechnology through the deployment of proprietary “good” bacteria. This hydrolytic enzyme technology has successfully treated over 1 trillion litres of water. Hugely positive results have been observed in numerous other projects including land remediation, unblocking of major drains, and increasing the efficiency of wastewater plants throughout the world.

2. Chlorine Dioxide to eradicate viruses, bacteria and fungi. The use of a stable chlorine dioxide solution which is scientifically proven to enable “Coronavirus Safe Zones” in public areas. Chlorine dioxide is confirmed to eliminate 100% of coronavirus particles within 30 seconds.”

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“From off-the-shelf packages to bespoke proprietary blends, Bio2pure™ offers comprehensive solutions to individual water purification and treatment issues”

Tony DaviesDirector

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