Bio2pure™ Technology

CoviPure™ is a highly effective disinfectant based on the active substance chlorine dioxide, which has a biocidal effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi. CoviPure has been successfully Derm Tested.

How it works

Chlorine dioxide develops its disinfecting effect by oxidation. Electron transmission to the chlorine dioxide molecule destroys the cells of microorganisms spontaneously and effectively.

Experiences over the last 60 years have shown that germs are unable to develop resistance to this mechanism. This risk exists, for example, with the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Bacteria with peroxidase enzyme are able to protect themselves against H2O2. In addition, too low concentrations of chlorine (e.g. when using hypochlorite) can cause bacteria to become resistant to chlorine-containing disinfectants by mutation.

What it prevents

The active substance concentration in CoviPure™ is equivalent to three times the dosage required to kill critical germs (P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, S. cerevisiae)* within 30 Seconds.

The concentration of active ingredients follows the recommendation of 250 ppm by IATA, which was issued for effective surface disinfection by chlorine dioxide in airport terminals to protect against COVID-19.

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Key USP's

With CoviPure™, the professional active ingredient chlorine dioxide was created for the needs of everyday life for the first time and made accessible to private users:


Solution can be used in cleaning sprays bottle products, and hand sanitiser.

Ready to Use

Provision of a ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution without additional blending with other chemicals.


Effective concentration of 300 ppm, which is highly effective but at the same time does not pose as a hazardous substance within the meaning of THE GGVS (non-toxic, non explosive).


Constant application concentration and storage stability of greater than; 18 months, no disintegration of the active substance after a short time.

Neutral pH

Neutral pH, no problematic pH values and corrosion risks compared with other highly concentrated or acid-activated chlorine dioxide solutions.

Broadband Biocide

Broadband biocide: universal use for various applications; no change of biocide is required for different applications.

VS Hydrogen

Chlorine dioxide has an oxidation power about 11 times higher than chlorine and 2.5 times higher oxidation power than hydrogen peroxide. As a result, chlorine dioxide is highly effective at low application concentration levels.

In addition, the effectiveness of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide compared to certain microorganisms is limited and partly pHdependent. Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, has a wide biocides spectrum of action.


VS Organic Disinfectants (alcohol)

Efficacy against certain viruses and fungi is limited. There is also a risk of resistance. Alcohol only works at the time of contact, while chlorine dioxide has a long-term effect. Due to its flammable / explosive properties, alcohol is not suitable for nebulisation for air disinfection indoors.

Unlike Alcohol, CoviPure™ is pH-neutral, as well as free of allergens and fragrances.


Has CoviPure been scientifically tested?

CoviPure has been tested to European Norm standard and the tests were completed by independent test bodies BluTest Laboratories & Melbec Microbiology Ltd. CoviPure achieved a complete kill of the viruses, bacteria and fungi tested within the time frame of the test. CoviPure has been tested to the highest standards, which is for use in medical areas.

What scenarios were tested?

CoivPure was tested in Hand Disinfectant and Surface Cleaner form. A disinfectant completely kills germs whereas a sanitiser does not.

What is unique about CoviPure?

Chlorine Dioxide has been known as an extremely effective disinfectant for 200 years but it has been very difficult to generate a stable solution. Because of the efficacy, companies have sought various methods to produce chlorine dioxide but this has involved dissolving tablets or having sophisticated mixing systems. CoviPure is a major breakthrough as a stable, single solution ready to disinfect.

Another benefit of CoviPure is that bacteria can’t become acclimatised to it unlike other biocidal products. As a result a resistance can’t be built up.

How will the products be available?

Initially CoviPure will only be available B2B. CoviPure will be available in 500ml trigger spray, a 5 litre refill and a 20 litre refill.  Further testing for the highest level sterilant is currently being carried out, and developments with formulation to produce concentrates are on the way.