The Central Vista is India’s administrative capital and a famous tourist site for locals and foreigners alike. It holds the majority of the country’s major national festivals, as well as a range of other ceremonial events. The massive makeover of the Central Vista — the administrative heart of the country in the capital city — is one of the most complex and most discussed urban architectural projects of independent India.

The Central Vista Redevelopment Project was launched in 2019, and includes the renovation of the 3km long, ceremonial boulevard, Kartavya Path, also known as Rajpath. Flanking this boulevard are canals, which have become overwhelmed with green algae, causing foul odours and the breeding of mosquitos. Bio2pure have accepted the challenge to treat parts of these canals with our proprietary blend of beneficial microbes, and have seen fantastic results after only a few days of treatment. See the reduction in algae, as well as dead mosquito larvae, observed following dosing of our super-microbes!

The photos show the results of the first three days of treatment.  Staff have noticed a reduction in odour and mosquito activity.

Reduction in algae                                                    Dead mosquito larvae