Bio2pure have been approved by the Public Works Department of Pondicherry Government to treat one of the main drains carrying sewage in Pondicherry using the unique natural Bio2pure process. The project entitled Uppanar Drain Rejuvenation will commence in early December with the “Breaking Ground” ceremony. The treatment will eliminate foul odours, improve water quality, and reduce mosquito larvae.

The Uppanar Drain in Pondicherry has suffered for many years with extremely foul smells and severe mosquito population. Under a work order from Pondicherry PWD, Bio2 pure India PVT Ltd was tasked to carry out a Proof of Concept (POC) to remedy the problems in the drain. This treatment used several natural and eco-friendly processes to achieve the required goals.

The method was to reduce the foul smell and the occurrence of mosquitos by the installing the HEGenR System at strategic places over 2 2.5km stretch of drain and using specific cultures of micro-organisms.

Treatment started at the Selevam Theatre on 16th March and by the end of April all sites were being treated. During the POC we had established a programme of weekly sampling and analysis of the drain at the treated sites.

Within 7-10 days of the treatment process at the Selvam Theatre the foul smells were massively reduced and the occurrence of the mosquitos were also significantly reduced.  Many locals came up to our staff and mentioned the fact that the environment was improved so significantly by the treatments.  Since the treatments, the foul smells and the numbers of mosquitos have been vastly reduced.

From the analytical results, it is clear that the parameters for BOD, COD and TSS have been significantly reduced down the 2-2.5km length of drain.  The BOD does not reach the NGT requirement of 10/10 but is approximately a 75% reduction and with the installation of the Bio2pure STIL process we could achieve the NGT norms. The STIL process is a Bio2pure Patent-pending process that incorporates the HEGenR system and is an in-drain STP treatment process.

From our own experience and the comments from locals, we have demonstrated that by using the HEGenR System, the foul odours which are so unpalatable and unacceptable to the local inhabitants can be eliminated making the lives of the locals much more pleasant.  In addition, the mosquito population has been significantly reduced meaning that the potential health problems through spread of disease and the physical nuisance of mosquito bites is no longer a problem.